ESC2 Fall 2020 Personnel Services Symposium

ESC2 Fall 2020 Personnel Services Symposium
A live, interactive webinar on current personnel management issues
October 6, 2020   8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Cost:  $75 for members of the ESC2 Personnel Services Advisory Cooperative; $100 for non-members.  The registration includes copies of written materials.

Addressing Employee Issues  in the COVID-19 Era

Morning Session:  Join attorneys John Janssen and Michelle Alcala of Sara Leon & Associates, LLC, as they guide you through various thorny issues that may arise as school district administrators manage employees in the COVID-19 era, such as managing leaves and absences, performance documentation, and terminating the employment relationship.  Topics to be emphasized, among others, include:

  • Managing Leaves and Absences in the COVID-19 Era:  EFMLA, EPSL, FMLA and the ADA
  • Handling Employee Complaints and Grievances Related to COVID-19 
  • Effective Performance Documentation
  • Taking Adverse Employment Action and Terminating the Employment Relationship

Compliance with the New Title IX Regulations

Afternoon Session:   Attorneys John Janssen and Michelle Alcala, who have trained numerous school district administrators in Texas on the new Title IX Regulations, will review how the new regulations affect school district personnel and sexual harassment complaints in the workplace and address issues emerging since the regulation went into effect on August 14, 2020.  Topics to be highlighted, among others, include:

  • Training and Posting Requirements of the New Regulations:  The Importance of Educating Employees on Their Responsibilities and Tracking Employee Compliance
  • The New Definition of Sexual Harassment:  What This Means for Employees
  • Formal Complaints of Sexual Harassment, the New Grievance Process, and the Roles of the Title IX Coordinator, Decision-Makers and other Title IX Personnel
  • Selected Issues in Responding to Sexual Harassment Complaints in both Employment and Student Contexts

To register, please contact:
Melissa Morin of Region 2 Education Service Center:

(361) 561-8416.