Two Attorneys Selected to Co-Present Two Sessions at the TASA Midwinter Conference

2023 TASA Midwinter Conference | January 29-February 1
Austin Convention Center | Austin, Texas

We are delighted to announce that two of our attorneys have been selected to co-present in two sessions at the forthcoming TASA Midwinter Conference in January.

  • Mackenzie Walters, partnering with Dr. Stephanie Howard, Superintendent of Schools at Crane ISD, will be leading the session, “What They Don’t Know Can Hurt You.”  In this session, participants will analyze central administration’s responsibility in identifying common weaknesses in campus administration training and supporting growth in those areas.  Proactive training and support can help protect a school district from common areas of legal liability, such as employment and student discrimination matters, complaints of bullying, and formal grievances.
  • John Janssen will collaborate with Mr. Rick Waterhouse, Superintendent of Schools at Skidmore-Tynan ISD, to lead a session on “Effectively Handling Grievances.”  In their session, participants will learn how to process employment and parent/student grievance matters in accordance with board policy and applicable law, improve the chances of resolution at early stages, and reduce the risk of appeals to the Commissioner or litigation. Participants will learn how to identify issues in grievances that may implicate federal anti-discrimination law and related board policy and procedures.

All of our attorneys continue to be respected authorities and leaders in public education law in Texas.