Information for School Boards

Why Choose Us for Your Search:

Choosing a new superintendent is one of the most important decisions made by a school board. When the search is undertaken with a partner that is already familiar with the board and the school district, the emphasis can be on recruiting a candidate that offers the best fit.

Our Process:

We begin by gathering data from your district’s faculty, staff, parents, and community regarding the qualities that they feel are essential for their new leader. Using a web-based questionnaire, we will gather perceptions and needs identified by the various stakeholders.

At our first meeting, we will assist you in using this information to create a profile of the ideal candidate. We will then develop a timeline for the search and determine the required application documents. Once these elements are completed, Leon Alcala, PLLC will get to work advertising the position and recruiting suitable candidates. We have connections and relationships all over the state and will rely on a network of professionals to find the best fit for your district.

Leon Alcala, PLLC will screen applicants according to the profile that you have created, required certifications, and other factors important to the board. You will then be given access to application documents to begin your research.

At our second meeting, Leon Alcala, PLLC staff will assist your board in determining the candidates that you wish to interview. We will be responsible for all communication with the candidates. As interviews proceed and you narrow your search, again we will take care of all the communication with applicants, freeing you to concentrate on making the best decision for your district. Once you decide on a lone finalist, we can assist you in creating an effective contract.

Planning for Success as a Team:

Leon Alcala, PLLC is here to help your Team of Eight get off to a good start. Included in the fee is up to three hours of board training on goal setting, effective governance, or other topics unique to the needs of your school district.

Our Fees:
Our fees include all materials, travel, and up to three hours of board training.

Current Clients of Leon Alcala, PLLC: $6,500
Non-Clients: $10,000