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At Leon | Alcala, PLLC, our team of experienced attorneys specialize in a wide-range of legal matters which fall under the umbrella of "General School Law." We recognize the unique challenges that school districts and educational institutions face and we have the knowledge and expertise to provide comprehensive legal support to our clients. Our experience includes routinely providing school districts with legal guidance on matters such as employment law, responding to reports of bullying or harassment, student discipline, parental rights, family law, student records, procurement, contracts, free speech, search, handling employee, parent/student and public grievances, and matters involving special student populations.

practice areas

General School Law
Employment Matters
Student Issues
Civil Rights Issues
Trainings and Compliance
Safe Schools Act
Title IX
District of Innovation
Family Law in School Settings
School District Police Departments, School Marshall Programs, and School Guardians
Student Discipline
Free Speech and Search Issues
Policy Review and Development

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Sara Hardner Leon


Austin, Texas

Michelle Alcala


Austin, Texas

John Janssen

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Arlington, Texas

Sarah Reynolds

Senior Attorney

Arlington, Texas

Hans Graff

Senior Attorney

Houston, Texas

Stephanie Ritchie


Houston, Texas
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